Book Reviews I've written

Here are some (mostly travel-related) book reviews I've written.

Aloha, Mahalo and Everything in Between

When going to the Hawaiian Islands, you need to pre-program your brain for an island attitude: Hang loose and slow down. The next two guidebooks made me want to grab the next flight, a cold mai tai, a comfortable hammock, a snorkel and some hiking boots. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the picture. Both the Big Island and Maui offer such an abundance of activities that there’s something for everyone and every whim.

Have Kids, Will Travel

Who says you have to stop traveling when you have kids? I never got that memo. My husband and I traveled plenty through our courtship and saw a fair amount of the world the first five childless years of our marriage. When we had our first son, everyone said, “You’ll slow down your traveling now, right?” Even though we answered yes, we did just the opposite. With both of our families on the East Coast and us on the West, ending travel simply was not an option.

Road Trip Guides: America on Wheels

Want to show your kids America but get nauseous at the thought of airplane travel with your family? Not to mention those security lines! Why not get behind the wheel instead? Whether you’re cruising in your minivan or a rented RV, here are two books that can help your family plan a road trip to discover and uncover the best the United States has to offer, from prime stretches of two-lane highways to gems hidden in the winding backroads.