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I've written many personal essays and journalistic pieces for magazines and online sources.

Ordinary Moments That Will Change the Way You View the World (and Yourself)

When it comes to shaking up your point of view, Sue Fliess has found that no source of inspiration is too insignificant. While heading to the grocery store one morning, I stopped at a light near an old Chevy sorely in need of a paint job. There was a teenager at the wheel, blaring music with the windows down. Her bumper was scuffed. One taillight was crushed. But she didn't seem to mind.

Affordable Lake Tahoe: Truckee Vacation Rentals

It was my turn to organize an extended family vacation. The destination, Lake Tahoe, Calif., had already been agreed upon by everyone. Now, we just had to find a great place. How hard could it be to find a house that met our needs? We had a tall order. We needed to find a house that could sleep seven adults and three children under 5 years old, one in a crib. Most of our group was flying in from the East Coast and my family was driving from the San Francisco Bay Area. To give you an even cleare

Beach Getaways: Summer Fun in the Sun

Summer is here, and for many families that means it’s beach time. A beach vacation can mean different things to different people. For one staff member, it meant heading up to Wisconsin or Minnesota as a child each summer to spend a week in a cabin on a lakefront beach surrounded by other families from the Midwest. As an adult, it’s all about finding a remote, exotic island to chill out in a hammock to watch stunning sunsets and feast on freshly caught fish.